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The Battle For the Siriaz Sector Has Begun! On April 18th, The Dragon’s Lair hosted the opening turn of a brand new Warhammer 40k campaign. Players split into two teams jumped into the conflict to fight for the human empire or the vast array of alien and malevolent forces fighting against them.

comprare vardenafil The war has just begun and many secrets still sit on the surface of the moon turned prison planet. Round one saw three battles take place with Tim and Dave playing their Space Marines, facing off against Mike M and Sawyer and their hordes of traitorous demons and chaos worshippers. All three battles were fought over various pieces of the mysterious device shattered upon the moon’s surface. The rest of the imperial contingent, an inquisitor’s war- band and a company of Space Wolves spread out to contest the remaining two device pieces and faced off against Eldar and a Tau/Chaos combo. All players fought hard and in the end the imperials were left holding two pieces of the mysterious device with the xenos and traitors forcing a Space Wolves retreat and claiming the third.

Buy Clomiphene 25mg online This is only the beginning however, and the map moves for round 2 saw the chaos forces regroup and launch another assault on the pieces of the device and chase the fleeing imperials to the east.

Stay tuned for next month, when the battles begin again!

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