What to Look for When Selecting a Fence Company

Selecting a licensed and insured fence contractor is an important step to ensure that your fence is correctly installed. Find a contractor that will provide a quality job. Conduct research and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Below are some tips to aid your process while seeking a reputable fence installation contractor.


Check the fence contractor’s license and references. Don’t be defrauded, avoid fly-by-night and fake contractors. Don’t be fooled by the first contractor to pop up on a web search. The same goes for slick advertising campaigns. Avoid high-pressure sales tactics, which should be a big red flag to you. Stay away from fence contractors who use pressure tactics to obtain a contract from you. Perform a thorough and effective search and carefully check out all references. Conduct complete background checks.


Many people are swindled by disreputable companies. Obtain a written estimate from each contractor interviewed. Do not do business with a fence contractor that refuses to provide a written estimate. Check their knowledge. Make sure they know what they are doing. Check their track record to see whether they stick with their original estimate. Note their reputation for sticking to their timelines. Do they have a good reputation for finishing the contract on time? Ensure they are honest with their business reputation, skill level, fence contracting knowledge, and ability. Ask the contractor about what they would recommend for fence materials. Check out what type of warranty or guarantees are offered for the job.  I used a fence company in San Antonio, TX once, and the warranty that came with the fence saved me big time when the gate they installed began having problems.


Obtain several estimates and interview several companies before choosing a fence contractor.  Make sure the company is reputable before signing a legal contract.  The fence contractor should have a legitimate business address that can be checked.


Check on their advertising to ensure it links to their business address. Ensure that the contractor pulls the necessary building permits and is aware of local codes. Check out the financial details involved with the fence installation contract. Ask questions about the contract. Who pays for the materials and delivery? What type of payment or financing is available for the contract? Avoid anything that does not seem right to you.


For your part and responsibility, check with your local planning and zoning department and obtain a plat map. Use the plat map to obtain the correct property boundaries so the fence will be properly placed on your property. Before interviewing prospective candidates, make sure you know what type of fence that you want to have installed. Set a budget and stick with it. Do your own research and learn about fence materials, hardware, and fence installation contracts. The more knowledge you have the better prepared you will be to avoid contract fraud. Set a project timeline and make sure the contractor can adhere to it. Check the weather before the project begins. Make sure the contractor is aware of weather conditions. Have a communication plan, and ask for timely updates about the installation progress and timeline. Make sure all parties involved adhere to the stipulations of the contract.