Which Limousine Company Should You Choose

There is possibly no better way to spend a special evening than cruising around in a fancy limousine.  However, there are A LOT of limousine companies out there.  Selecting the right one can have a huge impact on the experience.  Nobody wants to spend the night riding around in a dated, smelly limo.  Here are some tips for finding a respectable limousine company online.

Gateway City Limo

When you do a search for “limousine rental” on Google, you are sure to be met with a copious amount of companies ready to take your hard earned money. So how do you know which one to select.  First of all, read reviews.  Read as many reviews as you can.  Often the most popular limo companies in your area will have a lot of reviews, sometimes hundreds.  Read them all.  Sure, some of them may  be fake, but you will surely get the gist of a limousine company by reading pages and pages of reviews.  I would highly discourage you from choosing a limo company with ZERO reviews online.  This is a bad sign and these companies should be avoided at all cost.

Another important thing to consider is the particular companies fleet of limos.  Just because you book a limo, does not mean the company will show up with a brand new limousine for your special event.  Many limousine companies have very old fleets and the limos are full of mechanical and cosmetic errors and deficiencies.  When you call a limo company, ask if the photos on their webpage are photos of actual limousines that they own.  Many companies just use stock images of limos they find online on their web pages.  So always ask to see pictures of the limos they have available to rent.  If they do not have any photos online, demand that they email you some pictures of the limos they have available for you to rent.

Customer service is a huge part of an enjoyable limousine experience.  Nobody wants to be escorted around town by an idiot.  You would be amazed at how many limo drivers get lost…in their own hometowns.  From the first phone call to the day you are picked up in the limo, you should expect professional and accurate information.  Always ask for pricing up front that includes all fees and taxes.  You don’t want to get stuck with a bill that is twice as much as you were expecting.  It is also not a bad idea to ask who will be the driver the night of your limo experience.  If Bubba, the guy who sweeps the floors,  is going to be your guide, you may want to ask a few more questions.  Nothing against Bubba, but you deserve a professional driver.

Lastly, I would inquire as to what exactly the limo package you purchase comes with.  Are there drinks provided? Is Alcohol allowed?  Are you charged per mile?  How many people will fit in the limo? (this is huge).  Basically, ask as many questions as possible.  Leave nothing to chance.  Word of mouth is another great way to find a respectable limousine company in your area.  Ask any friends or family members who have rented a limo recently how their experience was.  Or post something on Facebook.  Lord knows people love to share their wonderful and not so wonderful experiences on Facebook.